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New Website for Norwegian Wildlife Hospital

Hi all, and welcome to our new zone, made only for you, the volunteers of NVS.

We appreciate the time and effort that all of you are giving.

Some off you are making the stations that are around Norway, and though the level of activity is now low, we are looking forward to start working with you. It's all a matter of time, and awarness off people around you.

I hope you don't mind I will be writing the posts here in English.

It will make things easer for me, as I will be able to write things directly from my heart ;-)

We can be flexible about it, and see how it goes...

So here we are, launching a new website we have wished for, for la ong time.

This is the place to thank Tommy Nodland from Next Exposure for desgining this pretty site.

Have a nice reading, and we keep in touch!


Kiwi popsicle

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