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Hi All

In the picture you can see Janne, the deer we raised this summer. Altough she doesn't get anything from us, she keeps coming, in decreasing intervals.

At first she was gone for a week, later for two weeks, and last time for a month.

She really grows in between, and it's nice to see she keep some contact to her mother (yes, that will be me) and feel that our place is a safe place.

We got our first patients from Telemark.

Mute swans, mother and a chick from this year.The mother had a broken wing but they decided to let her finish grow her clutch, and then send her to us.

The mother had a broken infected bone, and half of her ulna was lysed and wad actually gone.

The young swan had heavy metal intoxication, most likely lead.

After diagnosing the mother, sad enough, we eutanized her. I can do something when there are vital bones but not a half. The young one was treated with chelation therapy, meaning that the medicine conect to the heavy metal in the blood and being expelled from the body.

It worked! and the swan was released back together with his familiy (well, most of it).

Until next time !

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