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God Jul !

Hello all. Now it's nearly Christmas and we would like to send you our treating and brief information as for what's going on. After the death of the Mette, the white tailed eagle we have got another eagle. Mettes diagnosis was complicated by an intoxication, hard to discover.

The new eagle hasn't got a name yet, maybe he/she need to prove he will be living for longer in order to get a name. This is also a complex patient, with intoxication, and a foot fracture in the background. We hope that now we have solved the first cause, and should progress with treating the leg. Here is the beauty. I'll update you on how it's going.

After New Year's Eve we are about to be on national tv ! It will be on Norge-rundt. Both about Mettes case, and about the hospital in general. 15 of January is the deadline to apply for support from Miljødirektoratet. Until now we have got mostly refusals as we were not local enough. I hope that this year, each station can apply on their own, and with asking minimal amount of money to begin with. I hope that each station could generate a budget of its own, so there will be money for flying two animals a year. We will come with all details a bit later on, and we have prepared a "templatel" you can follow so everything is clear. We will contact you about it soon. We wish all of you Merry Christmas and happy new year Regards Ingunn and Aviv

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