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Hi All.

We hope you had a nice holidays !

Now almost all applications were sent and we would like to thank those who took on themselves the task. This is the third time we are applying, but the first time that each group apply for itself.

My exprtience so far was, that if we were not localized in the county in question, we were in the last priority.

Also regarding amount to be asked, we thought we should ask for the minimum.

We would like to have your opinions, and if any of you think doing it in any different way would be better, we are opening for any critic. I can already say that next year we should try to add reciept/price offer from the flight companies as attachments.

Except than that we are fighting here for the lives of the eagle and the hawk, that got complicated.

The hawk seem to be out of danger now (knock wood), but the eagle is not.

New diagnosis we have on wildlife: rupture of a wing tendons. Looks from the outside that the bone is broken, but its not. The only sign was dislocation of an elbow. we found it on surgical exploration of the area, with no chance to fixate it in a 250g bird, a woodcook in this example. (Rugde)

Until next time

Ingunn and Aviv

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