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Hi all !

It has been long time since last time, but we are still here.

I want to thank all the members in Trondheim team, who send us a peregrine falcon.

It was a lovely patient though not so easy to treat, and we released her successfully.

Since she was a young falcon, which usually migrate around as it dosent have a territory yet, we have

choose to release it locally.

This case just shows me, that the system we made is working, and I thank you for your understanding and patience, and that you are there. I know it is doesn't happened everyday, but I think you can ask Linn Fossbaken for what kind of experience she had. She said it was leaving a huge impression.

Its also true that the dream of a big wildlife hospital is fading.

In my vision I could see professional team, some volunteers, and some hired, as the work involves more than one shift with the animals, and the whole process: diagnosing, treating, making surgeries, and rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, its not so, as we dont get support or sponsors from any funds or from the government.

The only thing we do had was a small support from Mattilsynet that was given to us by law

(and not because they were so nice), who made its possible to receive large amount of animals, but it didn't pay the whole thing, and we will not be able to receive it any more.

Since its quite tuff to work in these condition, (evenings, weekends, vacations and so) and its very seasonal, I couldn't continue this way. I found a job that will enable me a full time position while combining the wildlife hospital, but it also says that the capacity to treat animals is limited.

Therefore we have decided to focus our activity on predatory animal, mostly birds of prey, which we get really good results with, and some species of interest from the red list.

I think that for you, our volunteers all over the country, it doesn't change much of the picture, as we were focused on transportation of exactly those animals.

I appreciate that your still around, even if it can take a while until something happened, because your presence is very important to us, and its life saving for the animals.

The way I see it, one wildlife clinic will be enough to cover the needs of this country.

Regards to all of you


in the picture: Seljord, one of the many patients we had this summer ;-)

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