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Animal Transport

We can transport wildlife in several ways, depending on location.


Our volunteers are ready to drive wildlife to the clinic from southwesten Norway, and then assist us in diagnosing and treating them. So far, we have helped wildlife from five counties: Hordaland, Rogaland, Vest-Agder, Aust-Agder, and Telemark.



SAS Cargo  (SAS and Widerø) will also fly animals from every airport in the country to Stavanger Airport Sola. 


We can pay the transport cost for avian or mammal predators, but must ask sponsors and volunteers to underwrite the cost of transporting other wildlife.


We can also pick up potentially dangerous animals in Rogaland and Vest-Agder counties. In other areas, please contact the local Viltnemnda game and fish agency.


This is a volunteer organization with extremely limited resources. We don’t have people who can turn out to track possibly ill or injured wildlife. We must ask you to tell us exactly where an animal is or even remain with it until we can collect it.


Wildlife stations:

We have six wildlife stations run by volunteers who know how to deal with the capture and transport of ailing or injured animals


We are growing, and hope to eventually include the whole country.


Photo by Richard Larssen

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